A microtome is a highly precise machine with ultra-fine mechanics. A microtome should last a lifetime and should perform perfectly. 100% reliability and quality is the only option for machines like this.

The Gigatome Phantom One is manufactured in Germany, using only the finest and most durable components. The Phantom One is engineered and built to work continuously and last a lifetime.

● Specimens to 300mm L x 200mm W x 70mm T
● Section thickness: 0µm – 1,000µm
● Siemens Touchscreen Masterclass Controls
● Multilingual intuitive operation
● Magnetic XY orientation & 360° rotation of Specimen
● Knife holders available for all knife types, Fixed or Delcinated 0° – 80°
● Sectioning & Retraction Speed: 1mm/s – 125mm/s
● Four Sectioning modes: Single, Continuous, Interval, & Pre-select
● Anti-Vibration-Table on heavy-duty transport rolls
with the possibility to decouple the microtome
from the ground for the best in sectioning results
● Electronic high-precision handwheels for adjustments
● Highly precise three-phase current motors
● High class cross-roller guides
● Low maintenance construction
● Control panel on a telescopic attachment
can be chosen to be operated either on the left or the right side of the microtome